Марафон у Нью-Йорку, який ніхто не хоче бігти

Marathon in New York that no one wants to run

In this story I could tell about mine impression of participation in the next marathon, which was supposed to take place in the village of New York (Ukraine), which is located in the Donetsk region. But, unfortunately, they will not be. Because of Russian aggression against Ukraine run a marathon in the Ukrainian village of New York, you can only go online so far. The urban-type settlement is located one kilometer from the front line, where for 8 years the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been holding back the Russian-red-brown horde.

Марафон, який ніхто не хоче бігти

In order to draw the attention of the international community to this problem, it was created in 2021 a marathon no one wants to run. The date of November 7 was not chosen by chance. After all, this is the day when the world-famous New York Marathon takes place. The project assumes that anyone and anywhere in the world can take part in it. It is necessary to run any distance in support of Ukraine and declare it.


Registration takes place online on the official page of the running event   marathonnoonewantstorun.org. Anyone who wishes to take part in it and registers will receive it runner's starter kit. It contains a starting number with facts about the war, as well as a medal with a fragment of a spent cartridge case from the east of Ukraine. The medal is a kind of thanks to everyone who supports Ukrainians in their daily life marathons for life and freedom. Participation in the race is free, and the support of the participants is "priceless," the organizers say.

russian-Ukrainian war (war in the east of Ukraine)

russian armed aggression against Ukraine began in February 2014 with an insidious attack and occupation of the Ukrainian Crimea. And already in April 2014, the Russian-red-brown plague spread to the Ukrainian Donbas.