10 миль по тунелях - "Antwerp 10 Miles"

10 miles through tunnels - "Antwerp 10 Miles"

The road is formed under the feet of a walking man. This time my road led to Belgium and the Netherlands. Being in new countries, I immediately wanted to take part in some local starts. That is why upon arrival he began to actively look for running events that will be held in the near future. I was unlucky with Holland - nothing interesting was happening at that time. And in Belgium, fortune still smiled at me and it seemed that everything seemed to fit me. On the eve of the running event “Antwerp 10 Miles” it was to come to the city of Antwerp.

Running event "Antwerp 10 Miles” had three declared distances - 1.4, 5, 16 kilometers. I decided to choose a distance of 16 kilometers (10 miles).

Sunday morning started for me with a trip to the area of ​​the city called Linkeroever, where the registration of participants for the race took place. The entry fee was 35 €.

In the starting town I came across an exhibition of sporting goods, which also presented brochures of races, which will be held in Belgium. There were a few hours left before the start of the main race, so I decided not to waste this time and went for a walk around the neighborhood, as well as to watch the start of the distance of 5 kilometers and children's races.

Antwerp 10 Miles ”is an annual AIMS-certified race in Antwerp. The first race was held in 1980. Since 2007, the race is held in April. Until 2020, the event was called "Antwerp 10 Miles & Marathon", but in 2020 they were divided into two separate events, namely Antwerp 10 Miles ”, which takes place in mid-spring and autumn "Antwerp Night Marathon". By the way, about 26 thousand participants take part in the 10-mile race.

My start was scheduled for 15:00. The beginning seemed quite easy, but due to the air temperature reaching + 22C, some was felt discomfort while running. For the first two miles I kept a good pace, but running further I realized that it was too fast, so I had to slow down. The heat was very disturbing - after 4 miles, when the route went through the tunnel, it became much more comfortable to run. It turned out that two more such tunnels were waiting for the runners, which made me very happy. Tunnels have become a real gift that is saved from the exhausting heat.

Due to the fact that the race started quite late, the guests and residents of the city pampered the runners with wild support. Most of the route passed through narrow city streets, wherein the shadows of houses managed to hide from the scorching sun. I was wrong to think that the race would be easy. Because of this, I miscalculated my own strength. In addition, the distance was unusual for me. Three hydration points were installed along the entire route. I was very surprised that the first point was waiting for us at the seventh kilometer of the race.

The route of the race "Antwerp 10 Miles" was well made - the route ran through the historic areas of the city and tunnels under the River Scheldt. Sometimes there were sections of the road with cobblestones. There were almost no ascents or descents along with the entire distance, except for races and runs out of tunnels and only one descent and ascent at the beginning of the race.

In general, we can say that the organization was at a high level. The route is very well laid. Excellent motivating support was also pleasing. Unfortunately, those running through the tunnels could not admire the unique views of the river Scheldt, but all compensated for a run through the atmospheric corners of the old town.