10 фільмів про біг

10 movies about running

Here are 10 films that inspire, motivate and help to regain self-confidence and the desire to run forward.


Even if Prefonteine lost, he still won. The brilliantly recreated image of the great athlete by American actor Jared Leto successfully complemented the plot of the film, which tells about Steve Prefontaine, and does not glorify his figure. At the heart of the story is the story of a runner's journey from a simple stadium to the glorious Olympic Games.

The film shows dramatic events in the life of this legendary athlete, who in his time had no competitors on the treadmill. For Steve Prefontaine, there were no unattainable records or insurmountable boundaries. But the sunshine of the Olympic gold medal is very cruel for those who fly very close to it.

Finishing line

The picture shows the story of a blind athlete Yannik and a girl Leila - a former successful runner who has just been released from prison. Both heroes need to reach past heights from the beginning, so they begin to help each other on this difficult path. The common goal brings the heroes together and they fall in love, against the background of which they try their best to achieve high sports results and win competitions.

Throughout the film, the viewer balances on the verge of pity for the characters and empathy with them for each new obstacle encountered in their path. The film has very mixed reviews from critics, but all running fans should definitely look at the inspiring duo of Yannik and Leila, the European presentation of their love, as well as the unsurpassed running moments.


The film reveals in great detail the features of the daily life of a marathon runner. As soon as you become a runner, everything around you changes. But when you choose the path of a marathon runner, you yourself begin to change the world around you. In the center of the plot is a small car repair shop located in the old part of Rotterdam. Due to the huge debt of the tax inspection in the amount of 40 thousand euros, it risks bankruptcy.

The garage workers are a bunch of losers: the owner Gerard, Keys, Nico and Leo are unlikely to find a new job somewhere after closing. They understand this well, so they come up with a crazy plan to save the garage - you can get a lot of money by taking part in the famous marathon, which is held in Rotterdam. But there is only one problem - to get a cash prize you have to finish, that is, run a huge distance of 42 kilometers completely. This unsurpassed European film has everything - a good idea, drama and subtle humor.

Sarah prefers to run

At the center of the plot is a middle-distance runner named Sarah. She was once offered to join Montreal's best athletics club, far from her home in Quebec, and it changed the girl's life dramatically. The mother is worried that such an adventure will have a detrimental effect on Sarah's health and life, so she does not want to support her daughter financially. But despite everything, Sarah and her friend Anatoly move to Montreal, where they marry, naively hoping to get better government scholarships and interest on the loan.

The marriage is not at all what the couple imagined at the age of twenty. And the film stops talking about running achievements. The Canadian film was nominated at the Cannes Film Festival. Hard training and exhausting work of a young athlete, difficult life events and character - this is not the easiest, but one of the most beautiful modern pictures that tell about running.


У основі сюжету спортивної драми “Пульс” лежать реальні події. Головна героїня фільму – заслужений майстер спорту України, параолімпійська чемпіонка 2008 року, п’ятиразовий срібний та бронзовий призер ігор 2012 та 2016 років. Готуючись до зйомок фільму, творча команда постійно взаємодіяла з Оксаною Ботурчук. Акторка Наталя Бабенко одразу після затвердження на головну роль почала інтенсивні тренування. Аби набути спортивної форми, достатньої для роботи над фільмом, їй знадобилося півроку. Знімали картину у Києві та на Київщині.

Юна українська легкоатлетка живе в маленькому містечку та має велику мрію — потрапити на Олімпійські ігри. Її спортивна кар’єра тільки починається, та вона демонструє хороші результати. Але внаслідок жахливої автомобільної аварії дівчина зазнає важких травм і майже втрачає зір. Здається, що тепер Оксана не має шансів не тільки на омріяні Олімпійські ігри, але й на нормальне життя. Проте вона не збирається здаватися та прагне довести: на шляху до справжньої мрії не існує перешкод.

Saint Ralph

After the death of his father and a serious illness of his mother, fourteen-year-old Ralph, who is a brilliant runner, finds himself in a Catholic shelter for boys. After doctors tell him that only a miracle can help his mother, the boy decides to achieve this miracle, namely to win the Boston Marathon at any cost. From now on, exhausting training for many months awaits him. Ralph trains on the book of Simon Langboat - an outstanding runner. 

The tape tells about the path and efforts of a hard-working guy, for whom running became the center of life, and the answer to such a question as "Why are you running?" it is deeper than Forrest Gump. In fact, the film is not so much about running, but about the desire to achieve goals, determination and faith in their own strength, despite the doubts and condemnation of others.

Chariots of fire

The plot of this film is inspired by a real story that covers the events of the 1924 Olympics, which were held in Paris. The British flag features two very different athletes: Eric Liddell, a missionary from Scotland, and Harold Abraham, a Jewish student at Cambridge University. The class and religious affiliation, the difference in the character and worldview of these runners further exacerbates their competition for the championship.

The picture fully conveys the atmosphere of the times when the Olympics had not yet transformed into a political rivalry, and competitions did not depend on big money. First of all, it was a competition of real purposeful professionals. By the way, at one time this film won four awards at the Oscars and was a winner of the Cannes Film Festival.

Coach (McFarland, USA)

Another film is based on real events. The story takes place in the small town of McFarland, in America, back in 1987. More than 90% of locals are Latinos who have emigrated to the country as immigrants or refugees.

It is in this town that professional coach Jim White gathers a team of local hooligans to take part in the California Athletics Championships and achieve high results in running.


The film tells the story of an American athlete named Louis Zamperini, who in 1936 participated in the Olympics held in Nazi Germany. During World War II, the famous long-distance runner served in the US Air Force.

In 1943, a military plane carrying Louis Zemperini with his comrades-in-arms was shot down over the Pacific Ocean. For more than 40 days, the boys on life rafts drifted across the ocean until their last breath was captured by the Japanese. It was not a long-awaited salvation at all, but an even more terrible and difficult ordeal on the athlete's path.

Dream Run: The Story of Gail Divers

A biographical film about the difficult life of a famous athlete from the United States named Gail Divers, who faced a lot of problems after participating in the 1986 Olympics. Gail has faced such terrible diseases as cancer and severe paralysis. But the athlete not only did not give up, but also proved to everyone that human capabilities are limitless.

After overcoming her illness, she returned to the big sport and won two gold medals at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, ​​and another in 1996 at the Olympics in Atlanta in the 100 meters.

Forrest Gump

And this legendary film does not even need to be presented, because it is a real classic of cinema. If you haven't seen this picture yet, make up for it. This is one of the best and brightest films, which proves that in order to achieve something, you only need to start and confidently go to your goal. The example of the hero is inspiring, because Forrest decided to run without having any prominent sports form.

The example of the hero is inspiring, because Forrest decided to run without having any prominent sports form.

I really hope that this very diverse selection of films about running will give each of you a lot of exciting emotions and impressions and motivate you to run even more productively.